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Choose Our Groundwork Contractors to Avoid Common Building Issues

There is a lot to think about when planning any type of construction or home improvement project, so it is common for homeowners or less experienced builders to overlook some aspects. However, this leads to mistakes and issues which require time and money to fix, resulting in delayed project completion and unplanned expenses. Luckily, with over 30 years’ combined experience, our groundwork contractors and house builders avoid the common issues associated with new builds, house extensions and garage or barn conversions. Providing expert advice and solutions, we ensure your project in Loughborough or the surrounding areas meets the highest standards, saving you time, money and stress.

The following are some of the more common problems that occur during or after construction, and how our house builders avoid them:

Structural Issues

For structures to be stable, durable and safe, they need suitable foundations. The wrong foundations or inadequate foundation work can lead to all kinds of problems which are expensive to fix later on. Among other things, this can include cracks, movement, water ingress and issues with windows and doors.

Our groundwork contractors and house builders have experience constructing various footings and foundations for a range of properties in Loughborough, including barn conversions, taking the time to determine the best option for each project. We also use quality materials and approved industry methods to ensure strong, stable bases which stand the test of time.

Utilities and Services

Electrics, plumbing, drainage, gas and heating systems need to be faultless, but problems with utilities are all too common following building work. However, when you choose Far Contracts Ltd for your project in Loughborough, you have the assurance of knowing all connections and systems will work safely and effectively. This is because we call on trusted and qualified subcontractors to work alongside our house builders, and we manage all aspects to ensure the quality and function of services, whether providing completely new connections and installations for barn conversions or other building works.

Outside Space

Your outside space is a key part of your property and can have a significant effect on the look and function of your home. However, it is easy to forget about the garden when undertaking home improvements, so you may be left with a lovely home surrounded by an unfinished or impractical outside space.

With the help of Far Contracts Ltd, this is one more issue you can avoid. As a groundwork contractor, we provide a range of hard and soft landscaping services alongside our other building services in Loughborough, helping you make the most of all areas of your property. This includes turfing, paving and fencing.

Considerate Work

When undertaking barn conversions, it is important to be adaptable and sympathetic to the character of the structure, which is the way our groundwork contractors and house builders approach conversions. This avoids the common problem of over modernising, which can result in features that look out of place or layouts/designs/installations that just don’t work.

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